Welcome to the Federation of Woman’s Exchanges! We are a national organization of Woman’s Exchanges whose goal is to help members of our community achieve economic stability through consignment and sale of fine-quality, hand-crafted items. From the Woman’s Exchange Movement’s beginning in Philadelphia in 1832, we now have Woman’s Exchanges located in 15 cities in 10 states. While each Exchange has its own by-laws and does business in different ways, all of us have the common mission of helping deserving consignors and/or handcrafters earn their living by their own industry and/or providing assistance to other community charitable organizations through the proceeds of shop sales.  The Federation’s mission is to provide mutual support and cooperation among its network of members and to provide a way to exchange ideas and business practices. Please be sure to visit the Woman’s Exchanges listed below.   I know that you will find each Exchange provides a very special shopping ex